When your little one is ready for Potty Independence the Handcraft Potty Training Kit will help make the potty training process an enjoyable adventure for them and the whole family.


Every great adventure needs a friend. Happy, the Help-A-Potty-Mess soft plush is toddler- sized and perfect for keeping little ones company while they focus on learning the basics of potty training.


Happy’s story book outlines the simple steps your child needs to take toward Potty Independence.

One of the keys to Potty Independence is cloth training pants.  Using disposable training pants during potty training doesn’t allow your child to feel the difference between them and diapers. Kick off potty training with cloth training pants that allow them to feel this discomfort and engage the change.


Our Parent Guide offers the tips and tricks necessary to help you along the journey to Potty Independence.

Potty training isn’t just about making in the potty.  It’s about everything from understanding the signs to cleaning up effectively. The Help-A-Potty-Mess Training Chart makes potty training an exciting adventure with your child celebrating their own wins!

Stickers and Badges for your child to track their wins and badges so if mom, dad or grandma miss a big milestone your little potty genius can wear their wins and share the news.

Every Handcraft Potty Training Kit come with full access to the information, community and activities on